Ebay Online Auction - Steelers Super Bowl Rings=$66,000

The sale of two Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl rings should help pay off the seller’s debts–but the real story is that one of those rings has the wrong score engraved on it.

The eBay auction of two 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl rings ended Monday with the winning bids totalling over $66,000.

The rings, sold by court order after the former team employee who owned them encountered financial woes, were purchased by a Steelers fan in the area, according to news reports.

The Super Bowl IX ring brought $32,751 while the ring from Super Bowl X drew 55 bids and sold for $34,100.

The older ring has a bit of a mystery to it. The engraving shows the Steelers playoff victories en route to their 1973-74 championship, but the score listed for their first round win over Buffalo is wrong.

No, the ring isn’t a fake. Apparently the error was made and never corrected. So says Dan Majors in the Post-Gazette.

"I’ll be damned," said Joe Gordon, who headed the Steelers public relations and marketing from 1969 to 1998. "I find it almost impossible to believe because so many of us checked it."